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This site allows you to point Speedgun.js at any public facing website* to gather important web performance data. It runs five times providing a good view on understanding how a web page is loaded.

*Some sites blacklist Digital Ocean IPs (like where this one)


You can run the Speedgun.js script standalone with PhantomJS 2, or you can run this server ( via a docker container.

Speedgun.js (Output to csv, json, junit, or png)

  • Clone the speedgun repository: git clone
  • Run it: cd speedgun && phantomjs core/speedgun.js -h
  • Example: phantomjs --config=core/pconfig.json core/speedgun.js -o csv --screenshot
  • Get the data from the newly created reports folder. Server (Install VirtualBox and Vagrant)

  • Clone the speedgun repository: git clone
  • Run it: cd server && ./
  • VirtualBox Problems? ./
  • Visit http://localhost:8081 Server (Docker)

  • Use the repositories: docker pull wesleyhales/speedgun-server docker pull wesleyhales/speedgun-postgres


This project is the successor of loadreport.js. It has been rewritten to pull the latest Navigation Timing API data from PhantomJS 2.